Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund (OHBD) is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization that believes the chance to dream big dreams should not depend on where in the world you are born.

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country.  Ethiopia’s population is 44% children, ages 0-14 (43 million out of 97 million total).  Only 5.5% of children attend pre-school or kindergarten.  Only 68% of ages 7-12 attend primary school.  Adult literacy stands at 49% with men at 57% and women at 41%.  Only 7.5% of the adult population have any post-secondary education.

MISSION: Inspiring and enabling youth, their communities and organizations who serve them by providing literacy, education, commercial and leadership opportunities.
Our focus is to support 501(c)(3) organizations and their programs that provide literacy, K-12 education, leadership as well as that support the parents and communities where the kids live, in Ethiopia.