Please support us by buying books below. All profits from the sale of these books go to the project:  “Local Language Books”

A fun collection of three fables based on Ethiopian proverbs for practice in reading Tigrinya and English. Ready Set Go Books, an Open Hearts Big Dreams Project (http://openheartsbigdreams.org/book-project/), is focused on increasing the literacy rate in Ethiopia through giving readers books with stories in their heart languages, full of colorful illustrations with Ethiopian settings and details.

Profits from books sales will be used to create, print, and distribute more Ready Set Go Books to kids in Ethiopia.

The three stories in this collection were inspired by wise sayings from Ethiopia that many people know and use. The sayings often rhyme in Amharic. If an adult says the first half, many children can chant the second half. Sometimes the meaning of these sayings is clear. Sometimes it has to be puzzled out and argued over. But sayings and idioms and proverbs help people express truths and beliefs in unusual ways.

Illustrations in this collection were created by children and adults donating their artistic efforts to spreading book love around the world.

Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund (OHBD) is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization that believes the chance to dream big dreams should not depend on where in the world you are born.





The Loud Prince. It is written by our founder Ellenore Angelidis. This is her first kid’s book and her little daughter inspired the main character!