We collaborate with organizations who share our vision and goals by applying for and receiving grants to expand our reach and impact. 

We also collaborate with organizations programs by providing donations of funds, books or expertise to increase sustainable results. 

To meet our grant criteria, organizations must...

  • Be locally focused. Hiring local populations and working directly with the people in the community.
  • Demonstrate high impact. Measured by number of kids and communities served, the direct benefit to women &/or children, or achievement of set goals and objectives.
  • Promote sustainability. Defined by vision for longer term and beyond the immediate project, modifying goals if the need and community involvement changes.
  • Support collaboration. Willingness to work with other organizations to achieve a larger, broader-scale impact with fewest resources needed.

We select organizations who have at least three years of consecutive success with previous projects or have the backing of another organization with this track record. They must have the ability to provide regular updates on progress throughout the project.

We look for multi-year projects that are tangible, have a start and finish date, and are simple and easy to explain to potential donors and supporters. The organizations will partner with us in providing volunteers and cover some of the costs. They also will document their efforts and share with other interested organizations.

Our goals are to ensure impact, increase effectiveness of planning and design, as well as capacity-building for the collaborating organization and others with similar missions.

We require a written agreement with the recipient organization that describes how the funds will be used, accounting of the funds, and the return of any remaining monies.

Please contact us if you would like to nominate a great organization, including your own!

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Collaborating Organizations