Mike Carr Legacy Project

Disability does not define a life; Mike Carr clearly demonstrated that his life was not defined by his disability. Although Mike was paralyzed at a young age, he still enjoyed a successful career with a high-tech company in Seattle where both his technical skills and leadership were highly valued. Mike was a role model to so many. He was a strong advocate for the power of inclusion and equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

The legacy project in his name was created to provide opportunities for children with disabilities in Ethiopia, the birth country of one of his sons. Children with disabilities there do not lack talent or drive. What they too often lack, however, are the tools needed to develop these talents and to apply that drive. Education remains the key to providing those tools. .

The goal of the legacy project is to increase awareness of the educational disparities of Ethiopian children with disabilities and to increase educational opportunities for these children so they can become the role models of the future that Mike Carr was during his lifetime. As part of this project, we launched an inclusion series within our OHBD Ready Set Go Books Project that features with kids and adults with different abilities.  See below  We want all kids to get the chance to see themselves in books.

Read more about Mike Carr's life and the tremendous positive effect he had on those he cared for on our blog here.

OHBD Ready Set Go Inclusion Series



Impact in Ethiopia