#ReadySetGo In Our Communities


If your library is not listed, please reach out and ask them to carry our #ReadySetGo books


These schools have all collaborated with us in creating a #ReadySetGo title. Some books have been completed entirely by students, including text and art. In other cases, students from these schools contributed the art work used.

If your school is interested in creating a #ReadySetGoBook with us, please reach out to learn more about the process works.

  • Riverview Elementary School (Vancouver, WA)
  • Sheridan Elementary School (Junction City, KS)
  • Stepping Stones Montessori (East Lansing, MI)
  • Sunny Hills Elementary (Issaquah, WA)

    • Currently working on a book about inclusion

  • Vernon Elementary School (Portland, OR) & Findley Elementary School (Beverton, OR)
  • Washington Central Intermediate School (Washington, IL)
  • Wilson Elementary School (Corvallis, OR)