Local Language Book Project: READY SET GO BOOKS

This project is about creating a colorful, culturally appropriate books for Ethiopia. Millions of people in Ethiopia are eager to practice reading:

  • Students in overcrowded classrooms that may contain no books at all;
  • Women who didn’t have a chance to go to school;
  • People of all ages who’ve never before seen words printed in their heart language.

Award-winning children’s book author Jane Kurtz and her sister Caroline—who learned to read as children growing up in Maji, Ethiopia—are volunteering their time and artistic talents to create easy-to-read books inspired by stories, proverbs, and scenes from daily life in Ethiopia. An army of volunteers has stepped forward to help with illustration, translation, and design.

“We’re proud of what we’ve seen so far. It’s pretty amazing what people are capable of creating when they put their efforts together,” Jane says. “Some of the art and writing has been done by children in Ethiopia. Some has been done by children and adults in the US. All of it is colorful and appealing. Delivering the first set to Ethiopia showed us the little books have an irresistible magic for people who are hungry to read.”

Global researchers find that children do better all the way through school if they first learn to read in their heart languages. Ready Set Go Books works with native speakers to provide translations in local languages. The little books give beginning readers bright and engaging stories so they can practice their reading skills.


Open Hearts Big Dreams supports Ready Set Go books with funds for creation, production and distribution in the USA. The books will be available on Amazon.com.  Proceeds will support producing and distributing more Ready Set Go Books in Ethiopia.