Official opening event of the new library of Yekatit 23 School

The day of March 29 was a great day for Yekatit 23 School communities, student’s parents, Ethiopia Reads (ER) and donors from Open Hearts Big Dreams for which it was a day to the official completion and opening of the new library building in the school compound.  The construction process was started on November 15, 2017 and it took 4 months to get to the completion.


The official opening of the new library was attended by delegates from different government offices, school administration officials, teachers, students and parents of students and ER representative. Some of the high government officials attended includes:

  1. Ato Mulualem Abe ——- Head of the Bahirdar Education Office
  2. Ato Asmamaw ——– Head of Fasilo Subcity where the school is located
  3. W/ro Meseret ————- Head of Bahirdar Finance Office
  4. Ato Geremew Asrat ———- Bahirdar Education Office Planning Officer.



The opening ceremony was started by a national anthem song by students and the whole attendants and then the government officials cut the ribbon and let the guests in for visit of the library room. After the visit, attendants got their seats and a discussion was held.

Ato Mulalem Abe, Head of Bahirdar city Education Office, made an opening speech. First he forwarded his appreciation for the Open Hearts Big Dreams donors and ER for the construction. He said that the new building is very helpful for the students in which they can get enough space and comfortable set ups to read different books and engage in their daily educational activities. Moreover he added that, the new construction is convenient in filing the gap that the government cannot fill so that he said the education office is very grateful and look forward for future supports and collaborative works in the education sector.


Ato Teshome Tafere, the school director has presented an outline report of the whole process of the construction. In his report, he first acknowledged ER and Open Hearts Big Dreams donors for the support and then explained the use of the library in the future. As he said the new library would accommodate high number of students and teachers than the previous library in a comfortable set ups. He also mentioned that, since the new library is wider, it needs more furniture so that he asked any support should be in mind from both the government education office and ER.


The next speaker at the event was Ato Asmamaw, the Head of the Sub city where the school is located. After expressing his appreciation, he added the sub city office would work closely with the school on future possible support.

Parents of the students have also forwarded their massive appreciation for the donors and ER. As one parent said, ‘’the new library will solve the space problem of the previous library and it will encourage the reading habit of students’’. He also added ‘’parents would involve and contribute in a better extent in the future to fill some gaps of the library specifically and the school generally’’.

Student’s council members also raised some points on the significance of the library towards alleviating the space limitation and enhancing the inspiration of both teachers and students to use the library. According to them they have been working good to promote the use of library and reading books and influence the school administration for better concern to the library. And also added they would increase their efforts in the future to mobilize students and other school communities for better set ups and well functioning of the library.




Finally, ER representative Ato Birhanu has made a closing statement focusing on the things that the overall school communities and stakeholders should do for better cultivation of reading culture and effective use of the library. In addition, he forwarded that ER appreciates the different stakeholders for taking part and contribute well in the overall process of the construction. Then wards the donated 300 imported English language books were handed over to the School Director and by that the event was completed.