Honoring my Ethiopian heritage by giving Amharic language lessons

My name is Bethelehem.  I am married with 2 wonderfully-made kids whom I’ve successfully raised to fluently speak Amharic.  I moved to the US at around 15 years old; old enough to speak Amharic well, but young enough to ignore it.  The latter happened for most of my life until I was pregnant with my first and realized that if I didn’t get my act together, my kids would not speak Amharic.  That really worried me as I planned to visit Addis as much as possible in order to one day establish an educational outreach to kids in Ethiopia. In addition,  I didn’t want my kids to feel lost at family gatherings in Addis.  Well, fear is a great motivator and I made a decision that my kids will be fluent in Amharic and I was committed! So I made it my mission to teach my kids Amharic no matter what.  Fear and determination combined is an even greater motivator which helped me succeed! Now, my goal is to help other families by teaching their children Amharic!

Soon after I started my Amharic Zoom Course, I found out about OHBD and it seemed as though everything was falling into place.  My heart has always been set on education and especially literacy in Ethiopia.  Open Hearts Big Dreams was already in action and fulfilling my dreams for Ethiopia and when the opportunity to get involved was presented by Ellenore, it was a very easy decision.  Their mission is beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful to be part of it.