Why I volunteer for the OHBD | American Embassy CS Boot Camp

My name is Abebe Amare and I am an undergraduate student at Duke University studying Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have always appreciated how chains of opportunities brought me here and how the opportunity I have at Duke takes me to the next stage of my life. Opportunities are the fragments of chains that build the life path of successful people.
I was born in a small village in Gondar, Ethiopia. My family had a small farm and we used to grow lentil, barley, and potato. After I turned 6, We left Gondar and moved to Addis Ababa. Life there was not easy because my father had little knowledge about welding to make enough money and support the family by himself. At an early age,  my older brother and I realized that we had to help our father in any way possible. We got ourselves  jobs as painters. While working, I was able to join a public school and continue my education. With resilience and dedication, I was able to score one of the highest grades in the 8th-grade national exam across the city, and this helped me to earn a scholarship to finish high school at a private high school for free. Earning the scholarship was the first taste of reward that I had for a job well done. I was able to see a clear path for my future, one that involved hard work and dedication.

The high school I went to supported students to apply for scholarships and colleges in the US. I was fortunate enough to get admitted to Duke University with a full scholarship. I remember how I worked hard in high school and how that opened up my chances of being accepted into prestigious universities. I believe in a life sequence of events that are mostly triggered by opportunities. Opportunities that shape our life the way we imagine it to be. The opportunities I had to attend a public school in my childhood, to attend a private high school, and the scholarship I received from Duke are the most important events to shape my life.
The most important reason why I want to be involved in the OHBD CS Boot Camp is to create an opportunity for the future technologists of Ethiopia to develop their programming and entrepreneurship skills. The opportunities I received shaped my future and I want to be part of this program to shape someone’s future for the better. The curriculum and entire team for this project was envisioned to educate and guide young developers to build marketable websites and mobile applications. Students will learn basic and intermediate algorithms and software engineering in practice. We hope the program will be a great opportunity for young Ethiopian developers to gain skill sets that will change the life of their community.