RSG Readers Reflect: Phoben Alemayehu on lessons from RSG title, “The Lost Son”

I want to thank Open Hearts Big Dreams for giving me this chance. I am Phoben Alemayehu and I’m 13 years old and in grade 7. I got the chance to read a book entitled, The Lost Son, written by Finote Wongel and illustrated by Alemayehu Regassa, who is my father.

I learned a lot from it. I learned that our parents love us so much and that whatever mistakes we make in our lives, they will continue to love us and want to see us happy. When we live with our families we have to respect them because they’re the ones who do everything for us. So we don’t have to love them for their money. We have to love them for their kind hearts.

Editor’s note: Phoben is pictured with her mother and baby brother holding The Lost Son which they’re all reading together.